pretty as a picture

i..want…THIS. ive become a little camera collector over the years. i have my polaroid, my moms old canon manual camera, my nikon d40 and i just ordered a holga. this seems like it would round my collection nicely. its really cheap too, and the seller says that it works. ill have to find out.

my stupid f*cking roommate is upstairs yelling and stomping around like an ape while he plays a video game. im not hating on video games, trust me. but anyways.

ive been getting really inspired by needlepoint and textile work, but what especially has me making me plans is cross stitching. i keep thinking of pretty quotes from songs and poems that need to be displayed in a fashionable but affordable way. usually i would consider making a print but text and prints are not always that easy so i feel like i could whip out my sewing skills from back in my ballet days to create some beautiful art. *beautiful art that i can also sell* haha.

ive also been wanting to make some curtains for the sliding glass door in my dining room. again, i can sew a little bit and i know to use a sewing machine so i think i can pull this off. on occasion i see great fabrics that i feel would make nice curtains. curtains from stores, especially large ones for my glass doors, are very expensive ive come to find. so maybe ill make my own. ill keep yall updated on that.

well. overall ive had a good day, i hope you all do as well. im off to work. hopefully it doesnt ruin my day. we’ll see :)


hi meow!

what a way to start an art blog. this is my first real blog and im very excited to start sharing my thoughts with the world. i am kate turner, im a 21 year old atlanta, ga printmaker and photographer finishing up my BFA at kennesaw state university. i work at a chinese restaurant, i am the only white girl there. my bosses are awesome and crazy and super asian.

but enough about me. with this blog, i want to be able to post art, photographs, videos and music along with my (hopefully) witty commentary. i love talking about food, alcohol, drugs, art, music, politics, religion, pop culture, and beyond. i will make it a habit (hopefully) to write daily, or every few days. i am embarking on a journey and whoever the fuck is reading this right now is as inspired as i am by this experience. wish me luck.

i leave you with an excerpt from a Tennyson poem called The Lady of Shalott. i recently heard a song, cough a country song, which i am usually not a fan of, by The Band Perry called “if i die young”. its so beautiful and not very country-ish, and in the lyrics she alludes to The Lady of Shalott. I love finding connections between things like this, even if it wasnt intentional.

But in her web she still delights
To weave the mirror’s magic sights,
For often through the silent nights
A funeral, with plumes and lights
And music, went to Camelot;
Or when the Moon was overhead,
Came two young lovers lately wed.
“I am half sick of shadows,” said
The Lady of Shalott.

-Alfred Tennyson

How could i leave without letting you hear the song too! ^_^

have a nice day all. its very cold here in atlanta today.


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